Helping Smart Business Owners Streamline their Back-office systems so they can have fun and make more money running their business efficiently,

without giving up control, wasting time, or learning a whole new system


A proven system that will uncover the most inefficient processes that are wasting your time, costing you money and causing you HUGE unnecessary setbacks in your growth. - Ones you don’t even know you have!

Create Your E.X.C.E.L. System



Love your business, but struggle with the day to day running of your business?

Are there process that make you want to pull out your beautiful hair?

Afraid to hire someone to run your business and give up control?

Not ready to invest in accounting software and have to learn a whole new system, let alone have the time to learn it?

Identifying the bottlenecks and money leaks in your business are the first steps in solving the problems.

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Create Your E.X.C.E.L. System



Take An Online Excel Course

Excel & More!

Each online Excel course is designed with easy to understand actionable materials with examples of how to use the training in your business to improve efficiency, streamline processes, or make better use of your data. Video’s and templates can be accessed 24/7 to help you every step of the way at your convenience.

Live Help & Support

What most online Excel courses lack is help implementing the information in a real business setting. This course offers 1:1 consultation along the way to make sure you understand the concepts and can quickly get a return on investment implementing your new skills together with Tina. Certificate of Completion awarded upon attainment of course competency.

Or Bring In The Excel Expert

As a consultant, Tina can turn things around quickly.

By taking a deep dive into your processes, she uncovers what’s not working efficiently and effectively, creates customized Excel templates and creates processes that will make your data nightmares go away!

Implementation is Key!

Properly training you and your staff is the key to your success. Tina’s training is implemented in a fun and humorous way that makes learning enjoyable and the agony disappear. She can help you see a bigger picture than what you think might be the problem. Tina’s clients have saved on average over $10,000 and more than 250 hours, just in the first year by improving their data efficiency. These savings compound year after year.

Meet Tina Palmgren

Tina Palmgren has a gift for creating streamlined solutions that relieve the dread and agony from daily tedious tasks, with humor and fun. Her passion is to spare companies from wasted employee time because of dysfunctional processes they never knew they had – in all departments.

For 23 years, she has been an accountant with companies providing cost-effective solutions that increase their profits. She looks at the “big picture,” drills down to the details and then zooms back out to the big picture – after all, a change in one department can affect other departments.

Her system was developed by combining her innate ability to detect patterns of inefficiency with high-level skills that have been proven to save time, money and aggravation.


My Online Excel Courses Are Game Changers

My Clients Say:

Paula Houlihan The Money Alchemist
“ Tina takes Excel to a whole new level. She can teach even the most technically challenged (like me!) how to use Excel simply and effectively to get the results that I want. I found Tina's hands-on training very educational. Her clear teaching style and extensive knowledge makes her classes both fun and informative. I learned things I didn't even know Excel could do for me and my business. Hands down, no matter what level you are at with Excel, Tina's classes can benefit you with more time, more money and more freedom. In this one class I am able to completely reorganize my accounting systems for my business which will save me time and money. That's a great return on my investment! I highly recommend Tina's Excel training courses. ”
“Our record keeping was a mess and we had no idea how to even begin with Excel. Within one session she had us set up to make everything work better!!! We strongly urge everyone with a business and does not use Excel to call Tina."
Tammy Duraclean
“I recently attended one of Tina Palmgren's (aka Grezinski) training classes on Excel. I learned so much in a short amount of time! She can handle any level of experience from beginners to advanced. I went away being able to use Excel in ways I had no idea I could. Thank you Tina. I highly recommend your services.”
Dr Sara
“Tina is knowledgeable, thorough and truly delightful. Her classes make learning easy and fun. Her ability to streamline and improve procedures keeps more money in your pocket and a better end product for your consumer. I highly recommend Tina to help Excel Your Business!”
"We hired Tina to help us simplify our Excel usage and within 5 minutes we were blown away with what she showed us. By the end of an hour Tina had shown us a new way to do our work that saves us several hours a week! I highly recommend Excelling Your Business to anyone that is using MS Excel."

Ready To Get Rid of Your Data Nightmares?

Let me help you streamline your Excel business data so you can spend more time doing what you love!

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