Use Excel To Quickly Create Mailing Labels

Use Excel To Create Mailing Labels

Quickly Create Mailing Labels Using Excel

Are you ready for the holidays and writing all those addresses on envelopes? Guess what, Excel and Word can quickly create mailing labels saving you from hours of work! You can save time both at work and at home this holiday season.

I’m Tina Grezinski, Your Efficiency Expert, with Exceling Your Business and in this quick 10 minute Excel video training I will walk you through creating an Excel file for your addresses and then transferring the file to Word via Mail Merge to quickly print your labels.

Why deal with the hand cramps, worries the Post Office won’t be able to read your hand writing, or all the time it takes to hand write the addresses on the envelopes…

Using Excel for an address book is quick and efficient. No more crossing out old addresses and using whiteout for the umpteenth time when someone keeps moving! In Excel just delete the old address and insert the new one. No muss, no fuss!!!

You can sort your address list any way you would like in Excel – by Last Name, First Name, or by Zip Code if you need to mail a large batch and receive the bulk mailing rate!

The first weekend in December is the big time for mailing out Christmas cards, so save yourself some time and frustration by using Excel and Word to create your mailing labels this year!

Do you need another reason to create an Excel address book? Have you ever lost your phone and your entire contact list and phone #’s? These can also be kept in the address book, because you can pick and choose who you want to print out labels and what is on them!

Best of all you’ll be all set for next year by keeping your address book in Excel up to date all year long!

No more excuses, print your labels and mail your Christmas cards on time this year!!!

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays,

Your Efficiency Expert

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