I’m a process consultant who specializes in customized application development. I solve the problem traditional business processes have created.

By combining 27 years of accounting and finance experience with 23 years of process innovations, I know exactly how to evaluate, expose, correct, develop, and implement your systems to do one of two things:

Eliminate the frustration of being handcuffed to your desk running your business

Or Grow your business, allowing you to serve more of your ideal clients.
I help audiences start to do the same in their own businesses. I’m Tina Palmgren, The Sassy Efficiency Expert

I was drawn to get my masters in Technology Management to learn more ways I could use technology to streamline my workplace. I’ve continued to share this passion as a professor teaching Excel at Rasmussen College and UWSP and in my consulting business supporting small businesses like you.

If your audience has ever wondered how to identify and stop wasted time and money leaks in their business, I can help!

There are 5 Simple Steps to EXCEL profits in a business….this is my unique branded system that I use to help audiences do their business better!

I'd be a great fit for your audience if they’ve ever:

– Thought there must be a better way…

– Performed daily tasks or processes because “it’s always been done this way”

– Had to make business decisions based on past data instead of current data

– Had to manually transfer data from one format to another before they can work with it

– Needed to watch for trends in their business as they are developing

– Wanted to save thousands of dollars a year in wasted time in their business.

I will teach the audience as much as I can in the time that we have together.

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