Excel ‘FUN’damentals

Excel ‘FUN’damentals

7 Keys to Streamlining Your Productivity

Every business owner wants their employees to be more productive, especially now when employees are doing more then ever.

Excel is a productivity tool that can be used in every business, not just for accounting, but in every department. So no matter what department you work in Excel will help you be more productive (and not just at work but at home too!).

My Excel ‘FUN’damentals classes teach you the basics of Excel so you can be more productive, no matter where you work or what you do.

Following are the 7 keys you will learn:

  1. The differences between a worksheet and a work book.
    1. You mean there’s a difference! 🙂 Yes, you will learn why it is important to understand the difference between the two.
    2. A workbook is made up of worksheets, there can be many worksheets in a work book.
    3. The difference will be more apparent as you develop your Excel skills in the future to include linking worksheets and workbooks.
    4. For example, let’s say you own a business with more than one store location.  Each store can have its own workbook with sales, figures, data, etc….You can create a summary page gathering the information from the different stores into one workbook to see the totals for all the locations in one quick page.
  2. What’s a cell?
    1. A worksheet is made up of cells, each cell has it’s own unique address.
    2. You’ll learn how to format cells, rows, and columns to fit your needs.
  3. How to move aroundin a spreadsheet and find specific data.
    1. Excel has several different ways to navigate through a worksheet and workbooks.
    2. Use the Find and Replace function to quickly change information from one thing to another.
  4. Create simple formulas.
    1. Formulas are one of the biggest keys to letting Excel do more work for you.
    2. Formulas improve data accuracy.
    3. The ability to write your own formulas will save you oodles of time and reduce frustration!
  5. Filling, Copying, and Dragging – what’s the difference and how to do them.
    1. These three items will allow you to move things to where they need to be, copy formulas or other information, or fill a series of data.
    2. Vastly increases your productivity and your accuracy.
  6. The three cell reference types and why they are so important to understand.
    1. Knowing how the three reference types work is important to making formulas that can be copied throughout the worksheet.
    2. Using the diiferent cell reference types when copying will create different answers when copying the formulas.
    3. Knowing which type to use when will make your life so much easier!
  7. How to set up a table and let Excel create the totals for you.
    1. Excel tables are one of the biggest improvements Excel has done in the last few versions, but most users are still unaware of them.
    2. This tool lets Excel do more of the work for you and it will be more accurate.
    3. Excel tables can be expanded to add more data as required, without having to redo formulas to make sure they total correctly.

Are you ready to increase your productivity, save time, and increase your profits?

Then invest in improving your Excel skills, call 715-572-5556 for more information and see if the Excel ‘FUN’damentals class is right for you.

I’m excited to show you how small changes = BIG RESULTS.

Once you start using Excel you’ll find other areas that you can use it to make your business (and life) easier!

Productively yours,

Your Efficiency Expert

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