About Me

Your Sassy Efficiency Expert and Intuitive Problem Solver

Hi - I'm Tina!

I’m your sassy efficiency expert and intuitive problem solver. Finding solutions for my clients gets me excited! I love data analysis – diving into the details, make adjustments, looking at the big picture and finetuning the process until I find the solution. And folks, I’m tenacious – I don’t stop until the answer works for you.

My passion is helping small business owners run their business smoothly and effortlessly, making it fun with the ability to scale. I get ecstatic when my clients see how the changes we make save them hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars each year, ultimately giving them more time to make more money in their business or spend more time on what they love to do.

Efficiency, accuracy, and impact are three of my core values that are fed by working with my clients! When I’m not solving business problems you’ll find me in my personal passion of fitness (I love curling & golf!), reading and spending time with family and friends. Everyday I love to learn, it’s what keeps me efficient!

I created Exceling Your Business, LLC to help you and your company increase productivity, improve data accuracy, and cut costs.

How often do you here “This is how it’s always been done?”

To me this says “Chances are, there’s a better way to do it.”

Just because it’s always been done, doesn’t mean it’s the most efficient or the best way to do it.  So often I’ve seen companies using outdated processes that are no longer necessary.  Let’s face it, new processes are created and rarely are any stopped after their useful life.

Increasing efficiency = more money in your bottom line.

I want to help you examine your processes and systems to develop automated streamlined processes specific to your company’s needs. This will increase efficiency and deliver accurate results (and profits) every time!

How I Help Clients

Gain Efficiency In Their Business


Easy to follow along in person or online video courses to help you learn at your own pace all you need to know and nothing you don’t! Apply what you are learning to real life examples.


Have many departments that need to run more efficiently? Everyone does! Let’s talk and then find areas I can help you improve to save $$$$!


Having an industry training for all your employees or with other businesses in your area? Book me to speak or train large groups to improve their efficiency.

I have honed my training skills and developed efficient processes in accounting, on the manufacturing floor, and in every department of every company I worked, increasing productivity, reducing data errors, and increasing your bottom line.

I graduated with a BA in Accounting from Michigan State University in 1989 and a MBA in Technology Management from the University of Phoenix in 2010. I am also Microsoft Excel 2010 Certified.

I’m excited to eliminate your overwhelm and automate your paperwork, which will increase your bottom line.

Productively yours,

Tina Palmgren

Your Sassy Sarcastic Efficiency Expert and Intuitive Problem Solver

Testimonials From My Clients:

Paula Houlihan The Money Alchemist
“ Tina takes Excel to a whole new level. She can teach even the most technically challenged (like me!) how to use Excel simply and effectively to get the results that I want. I found Tina's hands-on training very educational. Her clear teaching style and extensive knowledge makes her classes both fun and informative. I learned things I didn't even know Excel could do for me and my business. Hands down, no matter what level you are at with Excel, Tina's classes can benefit you with more time, more money and more freedom. In this one class I am able to completely reorganize my accounting systems for my business which will save me time and money. That's a great return on my investment! I highly recommend Tina's Excel training courses. ”
“Our record keeping was a mess and we had no idea how to even begin with Excel. Within one session she had us set up to make everything work better!!! We strongly urge everyone with a business and does not use Excel to call Tina."
Tammy Duraclean
“I recently attended one of Tina Palmgren's (aka Grezinski) training classes on Excel. I learned so much in a short amount of time! She can handle any level of experience from beginners to advanced. I went away being able to use Excel in ways I had no idea I could. Thank you Tina. I highly recommend your services.”
Dr Sara
“Tina is knowledgeable, thorough and truly delightful. Her classes make learning easy and fun. Her ability to streamline and improve procedures keeps more money in your pocket and a better end product for your consumer. I highly recommend Tina to help Excel Your Business!”
"We hired Tina to help us simplify our Excel usage and within 5 minutes we were blown away with what she showed us. By the end of an hour Tina had shown us a new way to do our work that saves us several hours a week! I highly recommend Excelling Your Business to anyone that is using MS Excel."